Jmaanova FAQ

Jmaanova FAQ

Installation Failure on Mac OS X

J/MAANOVA will fail to run on Mac OS X if your default Java Vitual Machine is one of the 64-bit versions. You can tell which version is the current default by doing the following:

  • open Java Preferences which can be found under Applications->Utilities->Java Preferences
  • select the "General" tab.
  • You will notice two lists showing different Java VM versions. Make sure that the topmost Java VM under the "Java Applications" panel is a 32 bit version. If the topmost version is not 32-bit then you can drag the 32-bit Java VM to the top thereby making it the default. An example is shown below.


You can now try starting J/MAANOVA again. If it still fails to start you can check that the change in Java VM settings worked by doing the following:

  • open up the terminal which can be found under Applications->Utilities->Terminal
  • Enter the following command
    java -version
    The version information reported should match the default Java VM that you selected. If you see 64-bit version information that indicates that the default Java VM was not changed. This has been observed on some Macs. You may have some success getting the changes to apply by restarting your Mac

If you have trouble getting your Mac to change its default Java VM, you can still run J/MAANOVA though it is somewhat inconvenient. To do this:

  • download and unzip the the stand alone version of J/MAANOVA.
  • Open up Applications->Utilities->Terminal and change directories where the J/MAANOVA jar file is. For example if you unziped onto your desktop the command might look like:
    cd ~/Desktop/j-maanova-1.0.0
  • Now cut and paste this command to start J/MAANOVA (the command is so long because we are explicitly setting the Java VM rather than relying on the default)


If your problem persists or if this does not address your problem please post your question to our MAANOVA forum.